Vintage Sewing Collage in Vintage Window

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vintage Treasures Assemblages

This is a wooden box filled with vintage treasures
The little tiny doll is go cute you have to click to see it
The pictures are me taken in the early 1940's

You can click to see this better
See the tiny doll it is on the ball of thread
It has crocheted dress and bonnet
There is also a old doll on the tree stump
I loved my dolls as a little girl
and still love to Collect them

My daughter gave me this one
I like all kinds of Vintage Assemblage

Sweet eye candy!
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Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hello.. so glad you stopped by my blog.. I haven't been at it too long and still trying to figure out what all would like to read about. I guess ou are just true to yourself and write about tings you love and mean to yourself. I love the making of new friends and reading about their lives. Just retiring the past year it has brought a new interest to my life. I am 67 years in age....The sun is shinning here and we are suppose to have a nice couple days.. we havent had real nice weather as of yet. Hum.. Maybe today. Yea.... Have a wonderful holiday weekend.