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Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Margie!

Happy Birthday to you Margie!
Today is my youngest daughter
On this day June 27 I gave birth
to my second daugther !

What joy to have two beautiful daughters!
and I too have two wonderful sons!

This picture was taken over 28 years ago
On this post the picture is faded looking
but it is not...It is just that scaned
in from an old fashion camera photo

Times have sure changed
as the days have gone
into the sweet by and by
Lots memories in 28 years

Margie is still as lovely as she was back then
I don't know what happen to me
I sure don't look like this picture anymore
I have faded away into age

I have fun saying to Margie,
"Mirror, mirror on the wall I'm My Mother after All!"

Happy Birthday Margie!
Be safe in Jesus!
Love you so very much!
you can click on picture to see it better

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