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Monday, October 20, 2008

Down On The Farm

These are some of my pictures around
My Home Place and You can see I
Like it all! I don't know what I don't
Collect and this is just a small amount
Of my collections....I like to take pictures too!

What you looking at? Is it feeding time!

I love the cows and I don't have to feed
them...They are so cute too! The pig is too!
I have lots of chickens and do I see a rabbit?
Baby cow has a feedsack blankie to keep warm

Lots of owls hooooting around my farm
Real owls sit on my fence at night under
a light....There ready is a lot of hooting going
On on the Farm......................................

I do like dogs and cats and all wild critters

I love to swing...I took this last winter
What a COLD SEAT! That would have
Been...It is on my Front Porch....

I have a Frog Collection too...I collect
Old buckets also...This Frog is COLD!
Taken too last winter....Will we have
Snow this year in the Heart of Texas
Down on the Farm...........................
HOPE SO! I love snow and love to
see it falling so pretty and white....

This time of year The deer start to
come into my yard as the acorns
Start to fall.....I am looking forward to
The leaves changing colors.....that
has not started yet where I live
In the Heart of Texas..........

I took this one morning that deer
started looking at me and soon
up went their white tails.......
They jump the fence but
came back that afternoon
They stay sometimes over an hour
So much fun Down On The Farm

If you look real close you can see
Two Deer....That bird house has
Raised lots of babies too.....

Snow on my top of Bird houses
Brrrrrrrrr need lots of feathers
This time of year!

Texas Flag painted on my Barn
I like this picture....the color was
so special...I don't know what I did
to get that color...and snow so pretty!

I painted this about 30 years ago on an
old wood shingle. It was painted in oils

I did not know how to paint and still don't but I sure had fun trying too..I love old homes and barns. I too have a great love for log cabins and always like living
Down On The Farm

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Victorian Designs said...

I loved seeing the pictures of the swing and the frog covered with snow! I live in Florida, so the closest I get to snow is looking at other people's pictures of it. Oh how I envy you. :-)