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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Is Arriving and My Beautiful Sunsets

These are coming up from left over blubs
they are so pretty popping up in the grasses
Spring is Here!
My mother called these the white Flags of Spring
The beginning of the Texas Bluebonnets
This is just a little pink flower all over my yard
They have such a sweet smell and they are so cute
The acorns covered my yard from last fall
I have lots of Tall Oaks
The little wild Violets grow all over my homeplace

More of the blubs so sweet I was told they were

Planted here 30 years I think the moles move them arround

Just a sweet little flower with other green grasses and acorns

I do love driving on the Texas ranch roads you can always

Tell where a old Homestead was by the white flags

It to me is part of Texas History of where the

Homestead or The Old Farms were at

More little cuties and green clover

The US Flags Standing Tall

In the setting of the Sun

I love to take these pictures

But you have to catch them fast

Breath taking to me my sunsets

On Easter Morning I was sitting in my chair
I look out the window and to my surprise
A Heart Tree
I called it a sign of love
I sit in this same spot every morning
and had not notice it before so it was so special to me

New growth red and greens so pretty

My lovely Granddaughters

Taken on Easter March 23, 2008

they are sisters

Redbud Trees grow wild in my woods

and along my rocky creek

sign of Spring is here

Thanks for visiting I plan to add more pictures of wild flowers

we have so many kinds on my Heart of Texas ranch roads


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Katie said...

You are a flower lover too! Great photos. I have a lot of the same flowers, here in Tennessee.
Around here, wherever you see daffodils in a field, you know that's where an old homestead once stood. I love to imagine what it must have been like back when there was a farm there.
Happy Spring!

SweetAnnee said...

I love the flag..and your grand daugthers!! are so pretty!!
sweet flowers themselves!!
I wish fleurs just
grew wild
everywhere like that here, but
us MidWesterns..we use too many chemicals to keep our crops free
from lovelies!!