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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where have I been far so long?

My where have I been for so long? I did moved over a year ago. This sure got me away from blogging! It was a long haul. I first stayed with my daughter for a few month. Then I brought me a new double wide 4 bedroom home. Then the moving started it was over 30 miles away. I felt like all my furniture and treasures were never going to get all moved. I do love my new home and I am close to my oldest daughter's home. I did sell my home and land that I had loved so dearly. Another chapter closed in life. But a new one opened :) God is Good!

I do have way too much items for my new home. I have moved many times and every time I move all my stuff seems to never fits in my new home. Thankful I'm just about to get my home in order. I would say it's about time!

Soon, I will be selling my overflow. I plan to put some in Esty shops. I have three shops one called Vintage Treasures another one is Vintage Pieces and Bits in this shop I will be adding my craft/supplies that I need to destash my stash! I open these shops a few years ago to sell but never got into it very good. Ha ha I was always buying instead of selling.

I also will be selling most of my vintage dolls and dolls clothes in Vintage Toys and Dolls I will update as I get the shops loaded for some very good sales. I do believe I will have something for about anyone who collects or love old dolls.

I always seem to have time check on friends and family on facebook. I am into Pinterest. I still enjoy all the updates from my blog friends.

I've added a Pinterest button to my side bar. It will take you to my page if you would like to follow me on Pinterest. I like going there and then clicking on where the pins come from and many are from blogs.

I going to add a few pictures to see if I can still do it here on my page. Well I did not do too good they went to the top.....OH well, I will leave them there. I will add some more later.

The flowers were so pretty this summer. Now that Fall is here they are about all gone. We had such a hot summer here in Texas. I had keep the watering these old time flowers. They do seed back every year. They will start blooming early in the spring and last all summer. I love the kind that will come back up without planting every year.

I do have three blogs one is done. Now two more to update check them out too.

Vintage Art Mixed Media

Vintage Cute Dolls

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