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Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

A little update with a few pictures

My cat climb high to get out of rain and we have
had lots of it lately coming down today too! Very
thankful we now are back to normal. I think?
In Texas weather is how we call it If you don't
like it wait awhile and it will change! Dry and Hot
to Wet and Cold lately I've been pouring over 4" of rain
out of my rain gauge and that has been happening a lot!
The tanks are full the pastures were green but now it's
Fall we are heading into Wintertime. This week it's down in
the 20's brrrrrrr that is getting cold but it be back in the
60's next week. See what I mean WAIT it will change!

My small back porch is now a place for a few of my summertime plants
I'm going to really enjoy them as I go outside. I have more to do, but at
lest they are in from the cold weather.  I still would like to have a flower house.
Maybe next year Lord willing!

I did not do much in the this year for the house for Fall decoration.
Just got a few things to feel it's Autumn. Our tree are just now turning colors

I'm sure I will be getting my Christmas decorations out soon.
I still cannot believe how fast this year 2013 flew by me.
Maybe I will get a few finished things done before it
ends. Looking forward to another year of who knows
what to expect!!! I'll just keep praying for things to get
better in the USA

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Be blessed and stay safe in JESUS!


Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Looks like your cat found the perfect place to stay dry, haha! Our OK weather is a lot like your TX weather... just wait it'll change within the day, crazy huh?

Your plants are lovely! I would definitely be enjoying them. Still trying to get my fall packed up. I should probably be doing that instead of being here, hehe! Nice to visit with you again Judy, have a delightful week~

My Garden Cottage said...

wow Judy, I just love your porch. That is one thing i would dearly love, a screened in back porch room . so nice in the summer time. your's is decorated so cute. ! xoxo Nora