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Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall is making it way to TEXAS

We have been so blessed by some very good rain. This weekend we had nearly 5 inches. So we are still pretty and green here in Texas. The trees are Yaupon they are full of its fruit it bears. The Waxwing birds love this and can wipe out it fruit in early springtime. They too are such a beautiful bird to watch and oh so colorful too. I will have to added a picture of them I have at a birdbath at another computer I have.

But there are signs it starting to change into Fall. I love the colors of  Fall! Here too is a few pictures of a few of my Fall decorations I have been adding to a small porch on the side of my home. I use to have a big Sun Porch that I use to decorate before I move here. I missed it, but now I have to think little decorations...Ha ha! that is so hard for me!

I love the cooler days and getting ready for the wintertime. I too will have to be getting flowers pots in a safe place to keep them from freezing. I do not have a flower house at this home so it trying to find the room to put them somewhere. I can heat this little porch so maybe that's where I'll keep my ferns and other treasured plants. It does have good light from windows, so they will be happy to stay indoors while it cold outside. I did planned to build a flower house but this has not happen yet. I sure enjoyed having one at my last home. It was a perfect to keep all my plants safe from the cold. I do miss it!

The last pictures are of my Donkey Ears OH my, I did not ever think when I bought a ONE Hanging Pot how they would multiply. You would not believe the babies they have had. One broke off at the base of pot and I just stuck it in the ground and look I will have to dig it up too. It has grown and grown and so pretty and green. The old grill I was fixing to haul to the dump until I saw how someone had used one for a plant stand.  I'm going to spray paint it I think an off white color.

I do love Pinterest for so many new ideals to reuse items you might have junked! The grill that was on there they had painted a red. OH, it was pretty but would not go with my Barn Red Storage House it is sitting by. Lord willing, next year I will be doing more yard work. But for now I am glad most of my plants are in pots. Easier to put inside from the cold freezes we get and then on pretty days I can put them outside to get more sun. Until next time y'all have a wonderful week!

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