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Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting my yard ready for Early Spring

The above photos are last summer flowers that are seeding back

I love to use Old Vintage Items in my yard
We have been having some very warm days. Too early
for anything planting but getting the flowers beds ready to
plant in. Mostly I plant in flower pots. But do have a flower
bed where the plants come back from seeds every year.

Bought this iron bed at a resale shop and going to use it in
yard or add to a flower bed. I have this star that I'm fixing to
paint like it like an America flag. I saw a Star painted like that
it was very pretty too. I do love red white and blue.

Below is just some yard junk I came across that I had
over at my other home. I think I maybe add some paint.
And add them to my other collections of vintage yard art.
I love old rusty items. I love all vintage rusty items to add
where I have flower pots and hang up on my outdoor buildings

This spot in front of a storage building I had some very pretty
flowers ther last year and I am excited to see I have lots of
new plants already. They love the cold weather to start there
new plants. I have had this iron bed for years. Beside my Texas
painted like a Texas flag is where I am going to hang my star
it will be painted like an America flag.

Last summer these small pots were filled with flowers
Some are still hanging in there even after lows in the 20's
See the small green plants on the ground. It's where the seeds
fell and now small plants are coming up. I am so happy to see
this as I love these old home stead type flowers. They are so
pretty with colors.

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Angie Berry said...

You had such beautiful flowers last year! With all your vintage metal, I'm sure your flower gardens are going to be wonderful this year! We have spring like weather here and my daffodils are shooting up, yikes! We haven't even had a winter yet, I hope they survive.

Enjoy your week~