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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Howdy to all! My time is flying right by me, isn't it?

I took this picture of one of my cats 
and my dog Duchess it surprises
me to see them like this as Duchess
 never lets him get close to her. They
both want to sit by me. Well I guess age is 
changing the way they feel about each other.
 Duchess turns 13 and 
Mr Serious, the cat is now 7 years old.
 Duchess loved him as a Kitten but when 
he grew up they just did not get along
 I know his name fit him to a "T" 
He is a very funny cat too and he is very 
serious about everything! 
 So, that how he got his name. 

These are some of my outdoor cats
They do like this old wicker chair
and they are sharing it! I laugh when I 
saw this as there is another chair right
beside this one and it's very same kind of chair.
The younger cats like my oldest cat who is now 12. He is 
the one on top. He too is one of the sweetness cats
I think I have ever had. He gets along with
everyone too. He now stays only in yard.
Mostly he is in my swing, just a swinging.
He is not a hunter anymore. He leaves the hunts
to his younger friends. He knows that I will fed
him good twice a day and all the others too.

This was his brother but he left last year
for his forever hunting ground. I was sad to 
see him go. I have happy memories of him and 
I still miss him. But I know he was well taken
care of he was always a hunter and very
adventurous cat. I always made sure he was
home every night. I live out in the country and
my home is way away from the roads I have
a long drive up to my home and that helps to
keep the outdoor cats safe. They love the woods
that are around my home. And I have a fenced
in yard too. 
This is Sandy he too is a yard cat of mine
He is different and is mostly a loner but 
still friendly with me. I have my males
neuter and my females spayed at young age
usually before they are a year old. I do have
one female that is a little on the wild side and 
I guess I will have to trap her to get her fixed.
I am going to have more kittens! I do love
the baby kittens and love watching them
play so cute BUT I do have enough cats 
to fed at the moment! Ha ha story of my life!
Always feeding dogs and cats but I love 
how much love they give in return.

I do love these flowers too! I have
them growing all over my yard. They 
come back every year and are early to
 bloom they stay pretty until late summer.
They used to grow around all the old 
home places I am sure because they 
are very easy to care for. But they do
require lots of water other than that they
are easy to grow as they do re-seed and 
make lots of new baby plants. It is easy to
dig them up and replant in another flower beds.

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